Why everyone deserves a coach (and not just football teams in the World Cup)

Behind every sporting triumph lies a great coach, who has helped the successful sportsperson or team grow, develop and excel. We take this almost for granted now – just as we take for granted in the world of business that for CEOs to flourish as leaders, they need someone else to challenge them, support them and help them become the very best they can be.

Coaching is about unlocking potential – it is about asking the right questions, at the right time, so as to enable people to recognise (and release) their own capacity to solve the issues they are facing. And – given that each of us, whatever we do in life, has issues we face – everyone absolutely deserves a coach. In fact, arguably, we owe it to ourselves and others to work with a coach – can you imagine how much more useful we will each be in the world if we are working to our full potential?

The careful observer will have seen that national teams in the 2018 Football World Cup have had an army of specialist coaches for different tactical situations – and for different types of players; when you are looking for a coach, find the coach who works for you. Each coach has different experience and skills to bring, so start by asking what you think will work for you:

  • Does the coach have experience in the field in which you are seeking to develop? If so, they are likely to bring wisdom and an understanding which enables them to ask you questions which you may not have considered – a skill which may be especially of interest if you are seeking a change or advancement in your professional career.
  • Do you relate to the coach? Coaching is built on trust, and you need to feel that the coach has your absolute best interests at heart. Take time to get to know any potential coach.
  • Does the coach offer you the flexibility you need? Busy people need coaches who will adapt to their schedules, and who will keep in contact with you. Once a relationship is established, coaching can take many forms, including Skype, phone and email – think about what will work for you.


Above all, do not delay. If you are in any doubt about the benefit of coaching, start asking around. You may be surprised at how many people already recognise the value of investing in becoming the best of themselves.

And you can guarantee that everyone who is in any way exceptional has not done it alone. Together, after all, we are so much stronger and better…

Dr Helen Wright is an International Education Advisor and Executive Coach, whose coaching is principally with leaders and aspiring leaders around the world. She believes that each person has it within them to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others, and she is committed to challenging people to become the best they can. Her particular skills lie in engaging people who are unsure of their next steps and helping them clarify where they want to go, and how.

Photo credit – © Anatoly Tiplyashin ID 805422 | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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