About Dr Helen Wright

Dr Helen Wright is a highly experienced and extremely well regarded educational leader and international coach of leaders. She led high achieving schools in the UK and Australia for over 13 years, and helped to transform them and their wider communities into ambitious places of learning and personal development.

Her warm, decisive, grounded style has enabled her to build a global network of connections, and for the past 4 years she has focused on recruiting, coaching and developing international leaders, engaging empathetically with them to challenge them to become the best of themselves.

Helen has been involved in boards for almost two decades and is a Director and Trustee of several boards in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, she chairs 2 national charity boards in the UK, and is particularly experienced in identifying opportunities for greater diversity of thought on Boards. She has worked with boards to develop practical recruitment and board support processes, resulting in better governance.

Helen is regularly asked to speak at conferences and in organisations across the world, and over the past few years has led workshops and given keynote speeches in the UK, Hong Kong, the US, Malaysia, China, the Netherlands and other locations. Her style is inspiring and stimulating, usually bringing a challenging and futures-focused perspective to bear on the issue at hand.

Helen has helped leaders and organisations across the world, and through transformative coaching they are better able to make the positive difference in their schools that they are seeking.

To contact Dr Helen Wright, please reach out HERE