MA (Oxon), MA, EdD, PGCE, FRSA, MIoD

Dr Helen Wright is a highly experienced executive leadership coach, career coach and NED whose insightful and incisive approach combines with her deep understanding and experience of governance and organisational structures to challenge personal and institutional assumptions. She seeks always to enable the people and organisations with whom she works to develop greater clarity about what they are doing, and where they are headed, and she then supports them to achieve these goals.

Dr Helen Wright led high profile schools and educational organisations in the UK and Australia for over 13 years, and during her executive career fulfilled a number of national and international roles in the education sector, including as Vice-Chair of the Independent Schools Council and President of the Girls' Schools Association.

Since moving into a hybrid executive/non-executive portfolio career in 2014, Dr Helen Wright has combined working at the business end of UK and international education with a range of successful NED roles. As an Associate with LSC Education she has recruited dozens of international school principals; she has also mentored and coached countless leaders in different professions, especially in UK and international education roles, from experienced leaders seeking a fresh challenge to new leaders finding their feet.

Dr Helen Wright advises and consults with a range of companies and organisations across the world, including in Australia, the UAE and China. She is often approached to support leaders in their career transitions, including in situations where there is potential for tension or conflict between stakeholders, and has conducted several in-depth 360 appraisals of leaders over the past few years, often in sensitive situations.

Dr Helen Wright is currently a NED with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK), the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy (UK), and the Dalton Foundation (Hong Kong), amongst other roles. She was the first President of Changing the Chemistry, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving governance on boards through developing diversity of thought. She also chairs a number of Boards, including the UK-based charity Light Up Learning, the British School of Amsterdam, and the early stage (UK/global) educational company Mark My Papers.

Dr Helen Wright's undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford in Modern and Medieval Languages was followed by a teaching qualification (PGCE), also at the University of Oxford, and subsequently Masters and Doctoral qualifications from other UK universities. She is a highly experienced executive coach, holding an ILM 7 (Masters equivalent) Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and an ILM 7 Certificate in Coaching Supervision. She is also a qualified Thomas International PPA, TEIQ and 360 Practitioner, challenging leaders to live and work out of positive values, and she uses these tools in her executive coaching, mentoring, leadership recruitment and senior leader appraisals.

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