December 2014 archive

Lessons for the future, learned from the past – but only if we actually learn them

Sometimes you need to see something in order truly to understand or appreciate it. For years I have been telling school students that they owe it to the world – past, present and future – never to forget the horrors of the world wars of the 20th century, and I had these words ringing in …

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A season of renewal and rebirth – sending ripples of kindness in response to tragedy

The world sometimes seems so full of tragedy, terror and sadness that it can be hard to believe that it is worth hoping for – and working towards – a better, fairer, more harmonious future for all those who inhabit our planet. Certainly, the last couple of weeks could easily have shaken our belief in …

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The Art of School Inspection

In recent years I have come really to appreciate the value of critical reflection that is embedded in the curriculum in British schools. In fact, it is so embedded that it is often taken for granted, as is its cousin, scepticism, and – perhaps as a result, and certainly rather ironically – critical reflection and …

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