The challenge of GESS BITES in Dubai…

Preparing all my notes to speak next week in Dubai about how schools can enable students to become globally competent, based on my latest book, ‘The Globally Competent School: a manual’, I am flexing my presentation muscles to take on the challenge of GESS BITES. This is a stream of talks at the GESS Dubai conference, which runs from Tuesday to Thursday next week (25 to 27 February) at the Sheik Saeed Halls in the World Trade Centre, Dubai, and it is a fast paced, ’10 slides in 10 minutes’, presentation … a challenge, when there is so much to say!

So … what will I say? Well, I will explain quickly that global competence is fundamental to our young people’s futures, giving them an array of choice in a connected world which is essential if they are to have social mobility. I will explain the process that I outline in my book that moves from inspiring staff and the wider school community (to which I give one of my favourite words – “Catalysing”) right through to constructing practical actions for schools. I will look at the 3 levels of school in the model I have created, and set out what it will take to achieve Level 3. I will offer some top tips. And I will speak very, very fast!

I do love a challenge … and I am looking forward to this one. What drives me when I speak in public is the thought that if I can plant a seed of possibility in the minds of those listening, or if I can inspire even just one educator to head back to school and do something just a little (or a lot) differently, so that young people benefit, then I will have had the impact that I seek. I know – really, really know! – how vital it is for our next generation of young adults to be globally aware, globally mobile and globally competent, and anything I can do to help their leaders and schools, those great engines of change, I will.

If you are in the area, do pop by – and I look forward to sharing with you!  

Dr Helen Wright is also the author of Powerful Schools: how schools can be drivers of social and global mobility.

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