Strategically Global: a short transformational international course for female educational leaders

Dates for your diary: Thursday 27 September 2018 to Monday 1 October 2018

The Traidhos Community north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an amazingly beautiful and inspiring place … and this is why we have chosen it as the venue for ‘Strategically Global’, an intensive short course for female school leaders around the world who want to lead their school’s internationalisation strategies with knowledge and confidence. Increasingly, schools are realising that they need to develop comprehensive strategies to provide pathways and opportunities for their students to develop global mobility skills; schools are also realising that they need to invest in their female leaders if they are to release the huge resources that they have to offer.

‘Strategically Global’ has been developed to fulfil these needs of schools – and of female leaders in schools – and has the added advantage of enabling participants to develop a close international network of contacts and relationships, a solid stepping stone towards creating opportunities for students in schools. A unique feature of this course is the pre-course and post-course coaching, one-to-one for each participant; this course is designed to be both practical and transformational.

Course details

Over the 5 days in Thailand, participants will engage in experiential workshops at Traidhos, as well as going out into the nearby community to understand the power of internationally-focused education for all. The course focuses on personal as well as professional development, and aims to strengthen the capacity of each participant to lead her school’s global strategy when she returns home, armed with an array of valuable skills and new friendships.

The three key pillars of the course, outlined in the course booklet, encapsulate all that participants need in order to make a difference when they go back to their own schools. We are committed to making this a very special experience, and have striven to keep the costs low, as well as choosing timings that will minimise absence from school. Thailand is not hard to get to – it is a flight or two at most away from almost anywhere. We understand the needs of female leaders in schools, and we want to stretch, challenge and empower … because ultimately, it is our young people, growing up in a world that is inter-connected globally as never before, who will benefit from these deep learnings.

This is our passion and we want to share it. Please join us!

For further details, and instructions on how to sign up, please see the attached brochure . We are keeping it simple and direct – we are the people who will coach and guide you, and we are the organisers. Engage with us – we look forward immensely to meeting you and sharing with you.

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