Really owning your leadership voice!!

I love the image of a woman with a megaphone in Louise Penrice’s introduction to her leadership course for women in education, which she is running through LSC Education, starting in early November. I chuckled when I first saw the picture, because it rings so true for so many female leaders – sometimes they really need to shout (and not always figuratively …) in order to be heard. In my coaching, I encounter many women who at some level have absorbed the message that their voice is somehow less worthy than that of their colleagues’ voices, or who have yet to discover their own, unique, authentic voice. There is work to be done in this regard, most definitely …

Of course, it does actually astonish me that we are still in a position as a society where we have to be talking about women being able to own their voices – especially in a profession which is tasked with promoting, through education, the value of an individual’s strengths – but we can’t hide from the fact of the matter. The need is undeniably there to bring a deeper understanding of the value of a wide range of approaches to school leadership, and we must still all do what we can to bring a greater sense of appreciation to all, starting with the individuals themselves. Investing a couple of hours a month from November until next June in learning and reflection will undoubtedly be transforming for the women who come together as a group in order to grow their voices.

This is why I am so pleased with what Louise is doing; what drives me is being able to make a difference in people’s lives. She can explain it better than I can, so do talk to her directly – I know she won’t mind me putting you in touch (her email is I feel hugely lucky to count her as a friend and colleague. Go, Louise! And go, women leaders in education!

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