Making global competence a reality

It has been great to engage with colleagues across the world over the past week in particular, since my latest book, The Globally Competent School: a manual, was published. Thank you so much for your energising words, and – as ever – for your commitment to the education, development and growth of young people in what is undeniably a world that is globally connected as never before. In such a world, of course, we need to support our young people to develop the skills they will need to navigate (and shape) their futures. This is what global competence is all about.

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So … how do we make this happen? In my book, I have sketched out a process that begins with lighting the spark that will fuel the fire of action. This process of catalysing lays the foundation for the fervour and determination which will embed the development of global competence in the heart of school activity, wherever in the world they are, at whatever stage of development they find themselves, and whichever community they serve. The beauty of the skills needed for global competence – including digital and intercultural social skills – is that they are great equalisers and levellers. Equality of access to excellent education is a driving force for the vast majority of educators, and a focus on global competence in schools responds to this need. I would love to hear what you are doing, and am keen to help and support others by sharing your case studies on my new website, Feel the energy, and do get in touch! And enjoy the book …

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