Girls are the key to solving world poverty

Advance warning: Thursday 11th October 2012 is the first ever International Day of the Girl, and watch this space for more information. Investing in girls – in their education, above all – makes an enormous difference to their lives and to their lives of their communities, and it is because I have become so convinced of this that I support with every fibre the campaign run by the international charity, Plan: ‘Because I am a Girl’. With the right support, girls have the power to free themselves, their families and their communities from poverty, and to enable them to start to make a difference in the world.

For each year a girl stays in school, her income as an adult rises by up to 20 per cent. This means, therefore, that she is better placed to support herself and her family, and to invest her earnings back into her village or community. It is a real virtuous circle, and the foundation building block of change. Girls are where it all starts.

To make this point, and to draw us all together in a shared understanding of the importance of girls in the world, Plan UK have created a new TV advert. Follow this link and you will begin to imagine what an impact an educated girl can have:

Plan UK’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ video.

Now spread the word.

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