#betterboards course for International School Board members – starting next week!

Next week – the week beginning 25 January – Matthew Savage and I will release the first of 8 lessons in the LSC Education #betterboards course designed to help International School Board members focus in on what is really important in International School governance. Joining details will be popping into participants’ mailboxes over the next few days, and the anticipation is growing!

We have designed this course to make it as simple and accessible as possible for busy people – the lessons and videos are all on demand, and the lessons themselves will be spread over 5 weeks, at a manageable pace. Board members from some top schools around the world have already signed up, and the interactive forum will be the place to meet – this is where we encourage you to reflect, share relevant experiences, and meet and learn from one another. Matthew and I will be active in the forum every day to support this, too, and to share our own experiences.

You can read all about the course on the LSC Education website, and below is a preview of the areas we cover … suffice it to say that we are very excited about the opportunity to develop more robust governance in International Schools across the world!

The course is fairly full, but there are a few places left, and it is absolutely not too late to sign up, so please do – we would love to see you and support you in your governance journey, and this is a super opportunity to network with Board members from other schools. If you would like to sign up to receive details of the repeat of this course in March/April, please do so via the website, because a list of interested people is already underway.

See you in #betterboards!

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