A little coaching goes a long way…

I return to this blog with renewed vigour after an absence… and I put this renewed energy all down to my wonderful day’s coaching with my secret support – my own leadership coach. I have spent the day in the beautiful East Coast of Scotland town of North Berwick being challenged, prodded and uplifted, and I return to Edinburgh exhausted yet invigorated, and determined to reorientate my ‘to do’ list so that I can make an even greater impact through my work and wider life. What an amazing day!

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(North Berwick – source: Visit Scotland)

Educators are sometimes the most reluctant people to be coached, largely – in my experience, at least – because they are so heavily focused on helping others that they diminish their own needs and fill their lives to bursting with school and work to such an extent that they do not think they have time simply to invest in themselves. Of course, it is actually plain common sense that if we do not invest in ourselves, then we are less capable of giving our very best to the world… and since this is precisely what educators want to achieve, then they should really grasp eagerly, with both hands, any opportunity for coaching with which they are presented.

Coaching is challenging, affirming and transformative. It can make an enormous difference to people, and the effects can be long lasting. It is also hard work; think of it like continuing professional development on steroids… people who engage in the coaching process effectively can reap a myriad of rewards for their schools and the other people around them, as well as for themselves.

So – my message for today is… find yourself a really good coach, and invest in yourself! You will be glad that you did…

Oh, and many of you know, my passion is social and global mobility for students worldwide. Well, we were working today on an even more robust programme for schools seeking to embed global mobility for their students deep into their very fibre, through a combination of catalysing events and accountable coaching for senior leaders. So… reach out if you want to connect further on this. I can’t wait to share!

If you have a spare moment, read my book on Powerful Schools (available on Amazon) and how they can be drivers of social and global mobility… it will start you on the journey!

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