Celebrating our uniqueness

I marvel frequently at how amazing human beings can be. It is a helpful – and true – contrast to the multiple messages we receive every day from different directions about how human beings can have a dark side of cruelty and violence; it is also an incredibly useful discipline to inspire to action – a goal that aspires to enable other human beings to fulfil their own potential and to work for the common good of all humanity. Being inspired by a vision of human ‘amazingness’, (to use a word coined by a former pupil) is a solid foundation for action that will lead to that vision being realised, and it makes perfect sense that the more people who strive towards this goal, the more likely we are to achieve it. Together we are stronger – and after all, if we do not have a goal or a focus in life, how will we ever achieve it?

So it was with this in mind that I myself was inspired yesterday when I came across a prose poem entitled ‘You are very special’. I have not yet been able to track down an author or an origin, but will continue to seek. This section encapsulated the message of the poem in particular:


 You’re different from any other human being who has ever

lived in the history of the universe.

You are the only one in the whole of creation who has

your particular set of abilities.

Nobody in the universe can reach the quality of the

combination of your talents, your feelings, like a roomful of musical instruments;

some might excel in one way or another,

but nobody can match the symphonic sound when all are played together.

Throughout all eternity no one will ever

walk, talk, think or do exactly like you.

You are special.


We have a special challenge as human beings – to recognise and value the uniqueness and individual specialness of others, while striving to blend this uniqueness into a community that works together in harmony. Together we are stronger – together while celebrating our uniqueness we are stronger still.

Let us be inspired to thought, reflection and action today.

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